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Mark Howard & Doughnut 

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"Ronnie is simply the best and gets the best from both the owner and their dogs"

Mark Howard

Our Promise

My work is based around engagement training. I help owners show their dogs that, even the most difficult or seemingly aggressive can be helped by working with them on an ongoing basis and for no fee upfront because my aim has always been to live by this motto: "If we don't improve after every session then you don’t pay me."

Dog Training

From good doggy manners to overcoming fears & difficult behaviours in a stress-free way

Behaviour Modification

Behaviour consults and one-to-one training

Classes / Workshops

Looking for specialist classes and workshops such as recall, scentwork or tricks?

Training Tips

Check out our Blog and Facebook pages for some great training top tips and all our latest news.

Trusted By

Just some of the many reviews from our clients

"Following Ronnie's guidance, we have seen a huge improvement in John and we are now not exhausted when people come around as we no longer have to chase around after him."
Joanne Saunders
"A big thank you for today. Really, really impressed with the session, it's like we have a new dog! We assumed it would take 2 or 3 sessions but how wrong we were. Within half hour our dog was under manners and walking like a dream. "
Sheena Khan
"After one session the difference in our Frenchie is amazing. It was great to gain more understanding on how we can control our pup and make him less reactive towards other dogs and people."
Jasmine C West
"K9 Greatness is a life saver! One week into following Ronnie’s advice and the change in my dog’s behaviour is already amazing. I can’t recommend him enough!"
Magdalena Gignal
"Thank you so much for your training, in only one session it changed both dogs behaviours and bad habits. Can’t recommend enough!"
Emanuele Mendola
"Last night we had 1-2-1 session with K9 Greatness and the result - simply amazing. Can’t believe the difference after only one session! Today walk was so enjoyable 😊 Thank you Ronnie"
Betka Anaviz