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Since 2010, I have been working with dogs in various capacities. I began by volunteering at a local animal shelter, where I gained experience handling and caring for all sorts of animals. From there, I took a job at a dog rescue, where I worked closely with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. After that, I spent nearly two years working with wolves in captivity, learning about their behaviour and the dynamics of pack mentality.

This wealth of experience has given me a deep understanding of dogs and their needs.

In March 2022, I took my first steps towards starting my own dog training business. I had always seen training dogs as a hobby, but when I spoke to local trainers and nobody wanted to hire me, even for free, I realised it was something I could really turn into a career. I’m passionate about dogs and love helping them learn and grow, so starting my own business doing something I love feels like the perfect next step.

Expert Training
for Primitive Breeds

I have spent years working with primitive breeds. My favourite the Thai Ridgeback, is a breed I’ve owned and trained to a high level for the last three years. I was always told I wouldn’t get my Thai Ridgebacks to be completely off lead. I have managed to do exactly that. Not only with my own dogs but, with clients dogs also.

Primitive breed dogs possess distinct characteristics shaped by centuries of evolution alongside humans. Their unique traits stem from their ancient lineage, versatile roles as working or hunting companions, and minimal human intervention in their genetic makeup. These factors contribute to their distinct appearance, temperament, and behavior, making primitive breed dogs a fascinating and cherished part of canine diversity.

Primitive breed dogs may not be ideal for first-time owners due to their unique traits and sometimes challenging temperaments. These breeds require consistent training, socialization, and dedication to meet their high energy and intelligence levels. However, with thorough training and commitment, a first-time owner can successfully raise and enjoy a primitive breed dog by understanding their specific needs and being prepared to meet them.

A primitive breed dog retains many original traits from ancient times, with a history of evolution alongside humans. These breeds often exhibit high intelligence, strong instincts, and unique physical characteristics. Examples include the Basenji, Akita, and Thai Ridgeback.

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Just some of the many reviews from our clients

"Following Ronnie's guidance, we have seen a huge improvement in John and we are now not exhausted when people come around as we no longer have to chase around after him."
Joanne Saunders
"A big thank you for today. Really, really impressed with the session, it's like we have a new dog! We assumed it would take 2 or 3 sessions but how wrong we were. Within half hour our dog was under manners and walking like a dream. "
Sheena Khan
"After one session the difference in our Frenchie is amazing. It was great to gain more understanding on how we can control our pup and make him less reactive towards other dogs and people."
Jasmine C West
"K9 Greatness is a life saver! One week into following Ronnie’s advice and the change in my dog’s behaviour is already amazing. I can’t recommend him enough!"
Magdalena Gignal
"Thank you so much for your training, in only one session it changed both dogs behaviours and bad habits. Can’t recommend enough!"
Emanuele Mendola
"Last night we had 1-2-1 session with K9 Greatness and the result - simply amazing. Can’t believe the difference after only one session! Today walk was so enjoyable 😊 Thank you Ronnie"
Betka Anaviz