Residential Dog Training in Surrey

Residential training for dogs is a specialised service where a pet is housed at a training facility for a certain period to undergo intensive behaviour and obedience training. 

During their stay, dogs are accommodated in a secure building that often resembles a home-like setting to keep them comfortable while away from their owners.

The training regimen is conducted by professional dog trainer who employ a variety of training methods tailored to the individual needs of each dog. 

These methods could range from positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise, to more structured techniques, like clicker training or command-based training. 

All four quadrants will be available, depending on the dogs needs.

A significant advantage of such programs is the consistent and immersive training experience, which can lead to better and faster results, especially for addressing complex behaviour issues. 

Trainers also focus on socialisation, teaching dogs how to interact appropriately with other dogs and people. At the end of each week, owners are usually provided with a session to demonstrate the new skills their dogs have acquired. 

They also receive guidance on how to reinforce and continue with the training at home to maintain the positive behaviours learned. The length of stay varies, with programs ranging from a week to several weeks, depending on the training goals set for the dog.

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My work is based around engagement training. I help owners show their dogs that, even the most difficult or seemingly aggressive can be helped by working with them on an ongoing basis and for no fee upfront because my aim has always been to live by this motto: "If we don't improve after every session then you don’t pay me."

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